We're on mission to make
sustainable gift cards
fun, accessible and easy to use.

About Us

dinkm was launched in 2022, although the idea came about during a lockdown in Covid 19 times. Entrepreneur Antony Gutsa was on the hunt for the perfect sustainable gift. Naturally he turned to Google and started looking for genuine sustainable brands that offered a digital gift card. After spending hours scouring the web he was left with a raft of simple sustainable products like keep cups and bamboo toothbrushes and also a whole lot of other brands claiming to be sustainable when they’re not, a term which goes by the name of Greenwashing. Quickly realising there was a gap in the market for a digital gift card platform for genuinely ethical and sustainable brands, dinkm was born. 

 The brand name dinkm (aka dinkum) was chosen, which is an Australian slang term meaning to be genuine, honest and true.

Fast forward to 2023 and we now partner with over 50 UK brands, some are household names, lots are independent and all create eco-friendly & ethical products and have a digital gift card. Making it easier for you to shop and gift more consciously.

From natural beauty products, zero waste essentials to  recycled phones and gadgets, our online marketplace enables you to discover a wide collection of sustainable brands. All hand selected by our team with quality and style in mind and most importantly they are genuinely sustainable, but we’ll come on to that in a moment.

At dinkm, we like to promote a ‘human’, approach to sustainability, we know that often sustainability comes with compromise and we don’t want that. So we’ve made it a prerequisite to have brands and products that are comparable to those that you mind find on the high-street , meaning you won’t need to settle for getting mum a bamboo toothbrush next birthday. 

Alongside our marketplace we have a blog, sharing insight on a diverse range of topics and showcasing ways we can all incorporate conscious living.

Our 2 step approach to Sustainable Gifting

Step 1) Tackling sustainability in retail

The 26th United Nations Climate change conference more commonly known as Cop26 highlighted that countries are under committing in their emissions reductions plans and therefore it is up to industry to step up to influence change.
To drive Industry change, the power lies with the consumer through how they choose to spend their money.

4 out of 5 people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers, yet most consumers are unaware of practises which consumer brands have adopted to encourage environmental sustainability.

At dinkm, our aim is to promote awareness. We do this by providing our customers with a selection of UK’s top eco-friendly brands that have all been certified by at least one of three reputable global certifiers including B Lab, 1% for the planet and climate neutral.

dinkm about us page picture of Co2, earth and recycling logos

Step 2) Tackling the gifting Conundrum

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one can be difficult. People often waste copious amounts of time trying to find that perfect gift only to have it returned and traded for something else, re-gifted, or sometimes even worse thrown away.

2 in 3 shoppers say they are more likely to buy their loved ones a gift card/prepaid card rather than a physical or experiential gift. 

Therefore, we’ve decided to specifically focus on retailers that provide e-Gift cards as a product offering. This takes the guess work out and of course it’ environmentally friendly!