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Allbirds Sustainable shoes

We make Comfortable, Sustainable Shoes That Tread Lightly On Our Planet.


No flashy logos. No senseless details. Just the world’s most comfortable shoes, made naturally and designed practically. It’s that simple.


Trying is believing. Give our shoes a shot for 30 days, and if you’re not walking on cloud nine, we’ll take them back—no questions asked.


The footwear industry often overlooks Mother Nature’s materials in favour of cheaper, synthetic alternatives. We think it’s time to change that. So we craft with planet-friendly natural materials, like merino wool and eucalyptus trees, because they’re our best chance for a sustainable future.


With the Allbirds Flight Plan, our bold list of sustainability commitments, we plan to cut our footprint in half by 2025. Then reduce it to near zero by 2030. In the meantime, we’ll continue to be 100% carbon neutral and invite businesses everywhere to follow our lead.

Reverse Climate Change Through Better Business

But what does “better business” look like? With the sustainability bandwagon getting more and more crowded, it can be tough to know. That’s why we’re laying out our vision in plain English:

  • Establishing a 3 step approach to hold ourselves accountable
  • Outlining priorities to reduce our footprint
  • Committing to concrete changes by 2025


We measure everything that contributes to our carbon footprint, from the factory floor to the lights in HQ.


We’re working to reduce beyond carbon neutrality, with ambitions to eventually become climate positive.


While striving for longer-term climate goals, we offset all emissions to operate as a carbon neutral business.

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