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Last Minute Sustainable E-gift Card

You look at your phone and see a text from your mum “Don’t forget your sister’s birthday tomorrow!”. Or have a calendar notification for ‘Tom’s Leaving doo’ starting in 1 hour. We’ve all been there, the cold sweats kick in as you realise you’ve left getting a gift ‘till the last minute. You haven’t a clue what to get but you don’t want to get them something meaningless and throw away. You did that last year and regretted it. That’s why you should pick up a Last minute sustainable e-gift card.

And why is this perfect time to get your loved ones a sustainable e-gift card or voucher because… 

1: An e-gift card can be purchased in seconds (phew).

2: If you’re not sure what to get, a gift card allows them to choose something they’ll actually want.

3: Keeping it sustainable means you’re supporting businesses that are supporting our planet. 

4: It’s thoughtful and there’s no doubt the receiver will appreciate it.

But what is a sustainable gift card or voucher?

Simply, a gift card provider, like, curates the best sustainable businesses in one place for you to choose from. Making sustainable gifting easier and accessible for all. Meaning no scouring the internet and reading the sustainable credentials of different companies. only lists companies that have at least one of three sustainable credentials, 1% for the Planet, B Corp or Climate Neutral Certified. Meaning you can trust that which ever gift card you choose, you will only be supporting companies that are holding themselves to some of the highest sustainable standards on the planet.

So what are some of the best Last Minute Sustainable E-gift Cards to snap up? Well…..

Best Last minute sustainable e-gift cards

1. Small Beer – You’ll sure to be popular with the gift of beer. Small Beer is a small company with a big mission, a sustainable brewery specialising in brewing classic styles below 2.8% ABV. Industry standard water usage means guzzling 8-10 pints of water for every pint of beer brewed. Small Beer drastically cut the amount of water needed to brew their beer designing a brewing kit that required just 1 ½ pints of water to brew one pint of Small Beer. Since embarking on their first commercial brew in 2017, they’ve saved 6.5m L of water, inspiring positive change across the industry. Along with saving water, they have built the brewery to run on entirely renewable energy sources, and use entirely recycled or recyclable packaging. This is a gift we can get behind.

small beer Last Minute Sustainable E-gift Cards dinkm

2. MARAY – Some of the best gifts have to be experiences. And what bette experience is there than food glorious food. MARAY create and serves food inspired by the flavours of the Middle East alongside incredible wine and bold, delicious cocktails. There ethos is to care about making people happy. Doing things the right way, with an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences on a daily basis. They became certified carbon neutral in November 2021. Working with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure and offset emissions through the Carbon Neutral Britain Woodland Fund. Which supports global reforestation, deforestation prevention and woodland management projects, with a strong focus on having a positive impact on the local wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

MARAY mean t dish Last Minute Sustainable E-gift Cards dinkm

3. REBOXED – Tech, for all it’s wonders, unfortunately is some of the most resource heavy and polluting industries on our planet. With 50 million tonnes of e-waste being created every year. That’s why it makes sense to reuse and recycle as much of our current technology. Instead of throwing it away and buying new. REBOXED prides itself on being a trusted platform to both sell your unused tech (phones, tablets, smart watches etc). And a place to purchase pre-loved tech that is refurbished to the highest specifications to ensures years of future use.

REBOXED PHONE Last Minute Sustainable E-gift Cards Dinkm

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