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Lots of brands aim for sustainability in their approach to cycling apparel. At ashmei it is part of who we are. Try an Ashmei Gift Card today.

We’re not motivated by following trends or designing for fads. The demands of a sunny summer evening or a grizzly winter morning will be largely the same in a decade as they are today. It’s why every piece of clothing ashmei makes is designed to remain useful long into the future.

Yet if the changing of the seasons remains near-constant, our understanding of the responsibility we owe the environment is shifting more rapidly. While nature provides the setting for our adventures, even human-powered endeavours are not without their impact. It’s why for us sustainability is every bit as important as performance.


Springing from an obsession with material technology, ashmei puts equal effort into understanding the environmental impact of our choices as we do tailoring them to benefit our athletes.

Whether working with suppliers to ensure the ethics and sustainability of our supply chains or developing bespoke recycled fabrics, behind each garment lies significant research and investment.

eGift Card

A gift voucher ensures you give a gift that will be right. Simple and convenient, our gift vouchers can be printed or emailed immediately and each voucher has a unique code that can be redeemed against purchases here at

Our vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Terms and Conditions:

This voucher can only be redeemed on purchases from Gift vouchers must be redeemed within one year of purchase, but can be redeemed in part. If the order value is greater than the value of the gift voucher, the difference must be paid by another method. Please note, all gift vouchers are non-refundable.


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