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Cou Cou Intimates Gift Card

Hello! We’re Cou Cou and we’re redefining daily undies for a new generation of women. We make elevated, intimate essentials that bridge the gap between our lingerie and underwear drawer, so you don’t need to compromise comfort for cuteness. Our mission is to reclaim the narrative of our intimates and celebrate our embodied female experience, everyday. Try a Cou Cou Intimates Gift Card today.

The French word, “coucou,” [koo koo], can be used as an endearing exclamation to loved ones meaning

“hello” or “hi”

“coucou, c’est moi”

“coucou! comment ça va?”

Intimates as self care

For much too long, women have had to choose between comfort and cuteness. Feeling either comfy in multipack granny panties or sexy in stuffy underwire and stiff mesh. But never both at the same time. When it comes to our underwear, the long-held belief is that comfort and beauty are mutually exclusive. Cou Cou’s here to change that. We believe that, as women, we feel our most beautiful when we’re our most comfortable, and that our most-worn undies should be our most-loved ones, too. We hope to reflect the values of a new generation of women. And provide an alternative to the outdated underwear-lingerie dichotomy. Because the truth is, we can be engaged and empowered in our daily lives, all while feeling beautiful—yesterday, today, and everyday.


Our undies are our most intimate items; we wear them daily and wash them often. But because of this, our undies are also our most disposed-of garments and, very likely, the only ones you won’t be reselling on Depop. Not to mention that, currently, only 2% of underwear is sustainably-sourced. This all means that your standard multipack undies end up spending more time in a landfill than in your top drawer. We founded Cou Cou to reduce the impact of our intimates. To take responsibility for the whole life cycle of our undies, we make our cou cous from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, a sustainably-sourced fabric that’s also completely compostable. By designing for longevity, promoting conscious consumption, and operating through transparency, we hope to make our most disposed-of garments a little less disposable.

Cou Cou Intimates Gift Card

What better to give your friend than her new favorite daily undies? Give the gift of Cou Cou and share the love with our digital gift card. 💌

Digital gift cards are sent to you by email and contain instructions for use at checkout. If you’ve purchased the gift card for someone else, to share the love simply forward the gift card to the recipient.

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