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Pala eGift Card – See The World Better

Help see the world better with a Pala eGift Card. Through our giving to eyecare projects, through the benefits to our customers of our sustainable eyewear and the stories of hope we share in our journal, these three key areas of our business connect deeply with our mission to ‘see the world better.’

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Giving back

Pala was founded on the principle of giving back. For our founder, John Pritchard, the seed of the idea stemmed from travels to Africa in his earlier life and learning of the lack of access to eyecare. The empowerment that comes with a new pair of spectacles or corrective surgery is emphatic and as a solution, so simple. Pala gets to deliver lasting change, empowerment and opportunity through funding eyecare projects across Africa. ‘Pala is a B Corp based in Brighton, UK’.

Sustainable Design

We use the finest, most eco-friendly materials available to us, expertly handcrafted in small batches.

Our suppliers meet the highest standards of manufacturing and compliance. All our direct suppliers sign a code of conduct. We use plant-based bio-acetate for all our frames as well as more eco-friendly lenses for our non-polarised frames. Find out more about the materials we use and the suppliers we work with.

Seeing Solutions

The climate emergency is very real and to that end it can certainly feel overwhelming with the news that greets our screens and airways on a daily basis. Through our journal we look to engage with those at the coal face of where change is happening, see the problems for what they are, but most importantly understand where the solutions are coming from. Stories of hope and change.

“Our eyewear is designed for those who acknowledge the need for a better future, appreciate the world we live in and embrace the adventure of exploring it.”

John Pritchard – founder of Pala Eyewear

How we define sustainability

At Pala Eyewear, we invest in sustainable and ethical practices because this is at the very heart of our beliefs. It matters! We aim to make the most eco-friendly choices for our eyewear to minimise our impact on the environment, from our small-batch manufacturing to eco-friendly materials and packaging.

Sustainability can mean different things to different people depending on your perspective. To be a ‘sustainable business,’ our definition is to follow sustainable practices that support ecological, human, economic health and vitality. For Pala, the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide the ideal guiding light for us to make the best decisions as a business.

If we take the broader definition of sustainability, it is the maintenance of an ecological balance in production, lifestyle and everything in between. Sustainability presumes that resources are finite, and therefore an inevitable requirement is to protect those resources so future generations can enjoy them.

The decisions we make today have long-term consequences on those that follow.

Pala eGift Card

Buying sunglasses for a friend and not quite sure what they want? Then the Pala gift card provides the perfect solution.


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