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Reboxed eGift Card – Great tech shouldn’t cost us the Earth.

People, we have a problem. Our obsession with having the latest iPhone the second it drops is creating mountains of e-waste. A Reboxed eGift Card can help us solve this problem.

Perfectly good, high-spec handsets are gathering dust in a drawer, or going to landfill missing the chance to find a new home. We’re on a mission to rehome 100 million devices by 2030, with a new circular business model – rehome, rebox, repeat.

We set up reboxed with one thing in mind – to fight e-waste the worlds fastest growing waste stream, It’s our entire reason for being. We want to change not just the way people buy and sell tech, but their whole mindset.

Our circular business model – rehome, rebox, repeat – isn’t just designed to give our members better value, but make a positive impact on the environment and society.

And above all, we want to be a force for a good in the world.

From the joy of unboxing. To the joy of reboxing.

Consumer electronics is one of the world’s most polluting industries. That’s because it’s a linear system: buy it, bin it, buy it, bin it. It’s a throwaway approach that encourages and rewards people to upgrade long before they actually need to – and little to no incentives to re-sell.

Millions of mobiles end up going to waste every year -– lying unloved in drawers long before their time, before eventually ending up in landfill. And every single one of those devices has taken precious earthly materials to create, at great cost to the environment and local communities. Just one iPhone X will create 79kg of CO2 in its lifetime, roughly the same as burning 9 gallons of petrol. And 80% of those emissions happen before it’s even left the factory.


Reboxed eGift Cards

Treat your friends, family, and coworkers with a gift voucher from reboxed. Maybe their phone is ready to be upgraded and rehomed, maybe they’re after some stylish refurbished Apple Airpods, or maybe they want to make an environmentally friendly fashion statement with one of our biodegradable Eco-Cases.

For every voucher sold, we plant one tree and donate 1% of profits to global environmental organisations.

Gift vouchers are available in a range of denominations from £20 to £250. They are digital products and will be delivered via email.

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