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The Hippie Shake – Sustainable Vintage clothing

The Hippie Shake was born in London from humble beginnings with just two things. First a predilection for capturing the feeling of warm reminiscence and second 70s nostalgia. Starting off as a vintage outlet by Naomi and Ben. This evolved in to their own sustainable vintage clothing collections and produces living breathing wearable art.


Ethos & Sustainable Vintage Clothing 

The fashion industry has an enormous impact on the environment. So we believe that we must all be moderate and considered with our consumption. The most sustainable form of fashion, vintage, has and always will be in our DNA.  Because with our vintage-inspired label we pour all our passion and knowledge into everything we create. And every day is a learning curve for us. As we continue to grow as a business, we continue to push ourselves and find new ways to make our business more sustainable.

Sustainable vintage clothing & Slow Fashion

Our vision for the collections is to create unique and timeless pieces that will become future vintage and passed down through generations. Because our brand is not trend led, we are on our own path and we do not apply ‘fast fashion’ pressures to our suppliers, with the development and production lead times for each collection between 6-9 months.

Meeting our makers

To ensure transparency in our supply chain we try to make the trip to see our suppliers both in India and China once a year (however, the last year has proved challenging due to Covid). Whilst our last trip was to New Delhi Feb 2020 just before the world locked down. By meeting our makers and seeing the factories our collections are produced in means we can ensure the teams are fairly paid there is no child labour and the working conditions are safe.


We are constantly working towards using more sustainable and organic fabrics, techniques and production methods with our makers. And 50% of our eternal collection Heroes is made from recycled or organic fabrics and we will continue to push to increase this figure as we evolve as a brand.

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