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Veo eGift Card – Your destination for a sustainable lifestyle™

Veo is Europe’s most sustainable online shopping & lifestyle destination, showcasing over 75,000 unique products from over 300 independent brands across Fashion, Beauty, Food & Drink, Health Wellness & Home. We don’t believe customers should have to compromise in their choices if they are wanting to live and shop sustainably, so with a Veo eGift Card you don’t have to…

All brands and products you discover on Veo have been thoroughly assessed and approved by our award-winning criteria, and you can shop safe in the knowledge that everything you see meets our 3 pillars:


Promoting dignity and quality of life for all humans and animals. This includes fair pay and safe & decent working conditions for all workers, plus 100% vegan-friendly with no animals or by-products, across the supply chain.


Promoting health & happiness for mind, body, and soul, to nourish inside and out, and living free from toxins, harmful ingredients, and hazardous substances, for a clean, vibrant, healthy lifestyle.


Promoting planet awareness, sustainability and biodiversity. Creating regenerative models of design & manufacture, looking to Circular Economy sustainable development.

We’re on a mission to make ‘Sustainable’ mainstream.

Our goal is to make ‘sustainable shopping’ the standard, the accessible, the aspirational… a beautiful new normal.

Veo seeks to transform how we live, how we produce, and how we consume. To disrupt antiquated economics, and introduce new and positive systems – regenerative, closed loop, circular systems – that reinvent the relationship between business and consumer. To form the catalyst for change, that inspires a profound shift from alternative to aspirational, revamping the very nature of supply and demand for the better.

For us, sustainability isn’t a choice, but a necessity. Providing a community for consumers to lead healthier and happier lives through sustainable choices, and use of products that not only last longer, but are higher quality and are the better alternatives to those widely available.

In line with Sustainable Development Goal #12, to “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”, Veo ensures all brands and products utilise pioneering methods of sustainable production. This includes more efficient use of our natural resources, and using innovative bio-materials, organic fabrics, and less wasteful practices. This allows us to curate our collections of the highest quality products, in a graceful balance of sustainability and sophistication.


Want to show your loved ones just how easy it is to shop sustainably? Our Veo gift cards are truly the gift that keeps on giving, promising only the good stuff, no compromise.

Treat someone you know to a complimentary shopping experience where they’ll discover the most unique, sustainable luxury brands in Fashion, Beauty, Food, Health & Home.


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