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Sustainable Birthday Gifts

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“Gifts, Glorious Gifts!”
Gifting doesn’t get much more special that ones Birthday. This is a time when we celebrate the people we love and care about. But with the growing concern about the environment, it’s important to think about how our celebrations impact the planet. Sustainable birthday gifts are a great idea because they not only show we care, but they also help reduce our footprint and promote a healthier planet.

What are sustainable birthday gifts?

Sustainable birthday gifts are gifts that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable. There are a variety of ways in which gifts can be sustainable. They can be made from sustainable materials, have a minimal impact on the environment, their raw materials be sourced recycles or repurposed or find an ingenuitive way to create the same product but sustainably. These gifts are also often made by companies that are committed to social and environmental responsibility, and they often support local communities and fair trade practices. This is why all companies featured by must have at least one of three sustainable credentials, 1% for the PlanetB Corp or Climate Neutral Certified.

3 reasons why sustainable birthday gifts a great idea.

1. They reduce waste

One of the main benefits of sustainable birthday gifts is that they reduce waste. Most traditional gifts are made from materials that are not eco-friendly and end up in landfills, polluting the environment. Sustainable gifts, on the other hand, are often made from either renewable or biodegradable materials that can be easily recycled or composted. Or they repurpose materials already in use so new raw materials do not have to be produced. These products have a much lower environmental impact, and they do not contribute to the problem of waste accumulation. An excellent example of this is

 Small Beer – a sustainable brewery specialising in brewing classic styles below 2.8% ABV. Industry standard water usage means guzzling 8-10 pints of water for every pint of beer brewed. Small Beer drastically cut the amount of water needed to brew their beer designing a brewing kit that required just 1 ½ pints of water to brew one pint of Small Beer. Since embarking on their first commercial brew in 2017, they’ve saved 6.5m L of water, inspiring positive change across the industry. Along with saving water, they have built the brewery to run on entirely renewable energy sources, and use entirely recycled or recyclable packaging.

Small Beer company sustainable gifts

2. They are unique and creative

Sustainable birthday gifts are often unique and creative, and they show that we have put thought and effort into our gift-giving. We can find gifts that are handmade, one-of-a-kind, or personalised, which makes them even more special. The companies and individuals that are passionate enough to build a sustainable company put that passion into their product. This is evident in the quality, branding and small unique touches that these products have. All brand that does this well is Allbirds. A shoe company that has taken the company by storm with their minimalist, trendy designs.

allbirds shoe navy sustainable gifts

3. They innovative and sustainable materials

Many products made today use the same raw materials as they’ve always used. Not because they’re necessarily the best materials for the job, but because that’s what’s always been used. Companies wanting to push the boundaries in making our everyday products sustainable are coming up with incredibly innovative raw materials to produce them. And in some cases, materials that are more suitable as well as being sustainable.

OLIVER CO. is redefining what we think of as ‘leather’ products. They’ve created the sustainable, animal friendly, vegan Apple Leather alternative. A bio-material made using apple waste from the fruit juice and compote industry in Bolzano, Italy. By using renewable resources, the fabric requires a lot less water and generates considerably less CO2 compared to other leathers and faux leathers.

So there we have it. Not one but three reasons that sustainable birthday gifts are a great idea and very accessible to everyone.

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