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The Benefits of Digital Gift Cards

The Benefits of Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards have benefits than you might not know. When it comes to gifting, some like to shop slowly and deliberately, spending months looking for just the right gift. When finally finding a gift, storing it away in a special hiding spot until the big day arrives. Finally wrapping it up lovingly in paper and ribbons and hand-writing cards for each family member. This sounds like a great system – and it is! However, what if you’re not as dedicated to this process? What if you’re more of an “I need a present for someone right now!” kind of person? If that’s your situation, don’t worry there’s still a way to give thoughtful gifts without all the time spent shopping and wrapping. It’s called digital gift cards and they have more benefits than you might know!

Firstly – What is a digital gift card?

Digital gift cards go by many different names such as virtual gift cards, e-gift cards, digital gift vouchers, virtual gift vouchers or e-gift vouchers. But essentially, they all have the same purpose. However, there are some key differences when redeeming them. For instance if you choose a currency digital gift card (one that has a Mastercard or Visa logo), then this is used the same way as you would use your debit or credit card. The alternative to this is a digital gift card or voucher that is sent to you via text or email in the form of a token (unique numbers and or letters and or symbols). This can be redeemed either instore by providing the staff with the token or online by entering the token directly to the retailers website at point of checkout.

All in all, digital gift cards are a new and innovative way to surprise your friends and loved ones with the gift of choice. They can be purchased from the comfort of your home and are quick and easy to buy and to use. Best of all, they are environmentally friendly, so please read on if you are interested in all the benefits digital gift cards have to offer.

They’re quick and easy

You can send digital gift cards in a minute or two, if not even faster. You don’t need to be standing in line at the supermarket with an armful of items whilst waiting to pay. In fact, you don’t need to leave your house at all! You can purchase them online and send them electronically via text or email. Because digital gift cards are so easy to send, they make great last-minute gifts. All you need to do is simply pick up your phone and search through some eGift Card options until finding one that fits both the occasion and price range; then click “send”. It really couldn’t get much easier than this!

No size or colour issues!

If you have ever shopped for clothing items or footwear as gifts before, you know the pain of having to purchase the right size or colours. Even if you know your recipients size and colour preference, it’s always difficult if they can’t be there physically. Fortunately, that problem doesn’t exist with digital gift cards, once the recipient has received their gift card, they can redeem it however they wish. So, if suddenly their favourite colour changes from blue to pink you’re still covered!

Choice – to find the perfect gift

eGift cards are a great way to give the gift of choice because they allow recipients to buy exactly what they want whilst eliminating the stress of choosing the right thing on the gifter. There are now many brands with eGift card offerings and even an eGift Card Marketplace to help make this process even easier. Given recipients get exactly what they want, it can also make it easy on your wallet since you won’t have any expensive shipping fees or returns hanging over your head post purchase.

They’re environmentally friendly

Not only are eGift Cards fun, simple and easy to use, they’re also environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for disposable wrapping paper and other packaging materials for gifts. Plus, the gift cards themselves are digital meaning no need for plastic or paper. Every year tons of plastic enter landfill from the gift-card industry, and what’s even worse, the type of plastic used is not biodegradable – it takes 450years to biodegrade! Globally the plastic gift card industry releases close to 200,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to: Driving 4,600,000 miles in the average car (200 times around the world). Lastly by enabling recipients to choose what they want, it is more likely they will use it more often and for a longer period of time, meaning less waste! Even better, there is now a digital gift card marketplace dedicated to showcasing egift cards from sustainable brands. If you’re looking for that super sustainable gift, make the switch to digital gifting today and reduce your carbon footprint.

eGifts are sustainable and easy, but still special and thoughtful!

eGift cards are a great way to give the gift of choice, they are fun, simple, easy to use, environmentally friendly and they can be purchased online in just minutes!

Whilst they don’t work for every gift-giving occasion, digital gifts can be a great choice if you need to send a gift quickly or want to give someone the flexibility to choose their own present.

If you are looking for the best place to find digital gift cards, checkout, the number one sustainable eGift Card Marketplace in the UK.

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